Dr. Cara Bowling

SWW_9451Dr. Bowling is a chiropractic physician and a certified chiropractic acupuncturist. Before earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree and Meridian Therapy/Acupuncture certification, she attended Evangel University in Springfield, MO. She spent her time there as a student-athlete, earning a BS in Biology while playing varsity softball.

Dr. Bowling is passionate about making others well! She learned the importance of routine chiropractic care after suffering a back injury during athletics. Chiropractic adjustments became a valuable and essential part of her life, and she enjoys helping her patients overcome injuries and function at a higher level with chiropractic care. She also performs acupuncture to treat a variety of complaints including body aches and pains, arthritis, digestive issues, fatigue, stress/anxiety, and so much more!

Dr. Bowling delivers chiropractic care through joint manipulation, stretching techniques, corrective exercises, and soft tissue work. She is trained in a variety of techniques and tailors each chiropractic adjustment according to the patient’s particular needs. Likewise, she takes the same care in tailoring each acupuncture treatment to the specific needs of the patient. She is determined to help your body achieve the balance it needs to heal itself!