Theresa Mesler, Masters Nutrition

St. Peters Chiropractor

About Theresa Mesler

Nutrition and Human Performance program, and is currently working as a nutrition intern under the supervision of Dr. Jenny Crosby here at Crosby Chiropractic. Before graduating, Theresa completed an internship at EarthDance Organic Farm School in Ferguson, Missouri, educating local youth about the importance of developing healthy habits, nutrition, and finding life balance. Currently, Theresa is enrolled in the Precision Nutrition coaching program, as well as pursuing certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist within the next year.

Theresa actually started as an art student, earning a B.F.A in painting from Fontbonne University in 2011. While art is still a passion of hers, she found that something was still missing. A few years after graduating, she found she was experiencing health issues that were impeding daily life, and underwent food intolerance and neurotransmitter testing to look for answers. It was then she realized that food is more than just fuel; it’s information that we give the body in order to thrive. She followed this passion and dove into the world of nutrition.

Theresa’s personal philosophy is that a whole-person approach is best when working to improve health. Healthy habits are more than putting vegetables on our dinner plates and exercising- they’re¬† about developing sustainable skills that promote self-kindness and balance in everyday life.

In addition to coaching clients, she also hopes to teach and get involved with creating lasting changes to our current food system so that nutritious food can be more accessible to everyone.