Benefits of a chiropractic pillow

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Benefits of a chiropractic pillow

Humans can sleep in a wide variety of positions and while there is no one position that
is technically the correct way to sleep stomach sleeping is not considered to be good for
your neck or low back. Side and back sleeping however are generally good although if
you are on your side or back with the wrong pillow and the wrong amount of support you
can experience the same type of neck soreness you may develop sleeping on your
stomach. Using the right pillow in the right place during sleep can result in better sleep
and less neck and upper back pain.
With each position, the placement and type of pillow may need to be different. If you
have a neck issue, you may want to try using different pillows or trying different sleep
positions to improve both your neck comfort sleep quality.
Sleeping on your back is a common way people fall asleep. If you generally sleep in this
position, it is advisable to place a firm pillow under your knees and a medium firm pillow
under your head to reduce the risk of both low back pain and neck pain. The knee pillow
takes pressure off of the low back. A neck pillow should not be to prop you up, but is
designed to provide support to the natural curve of your neck.
Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position we attain while we sleep and it is
the best position for your spine. Putting a firm pillow between your knees takes pressure
off both hips and low back. A firm neck pillow should support your head and neck in a
straight line with the rest of your body. Two pillows or overly soft pillows may tilt your
neck up or down stressing the muscles of your neck and allowing the neck joints to be
jammed or stretched for periods of time that can result in stiff necks and headaches.
While this position is not advocated, if you absolutely can’t break this habit then learning
to use good pillow placement may reduce your chances of waking up with back and
neck pain. A firm pillow under your hips or stomach reduces the risk of low back pain.
You may still need a head pillow in this position to support your head in a downward
position. Having your head turned to the left or right to breathe while on your stomach is
a great way to ensure neck pain. Finally, if you have to sleep on your stomach, put a
pillow under your ankles also.
Rather than buying a king size pillow for a king size bed or a pillow that is a good fit for
your sham but not for your neck, you need to look at your body size and your favorite
sleeping position to help determine the type of pillow you need. Neither the price or
brand of pillow is a guarantee of its comfort. Your chiropractor may be able to fit you to
a pillow that is right for your needs.

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