Four common mistakes in treating back pain and what to do next (excerpted from Consumer Reports, August 2014)

Mistake 1: Rushing to test Back pain can be so intense that your first thought might be that you need an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to see exactly what […]

Low Back Pain and Chiropractic Care Effective and Safe!

Chiropractors have always know that correcting the problem is more effective than masking the pain. Science has now caught up with chiropractic! Low back pain commonly affects 8 out of […]

Back Pain: Safe, Effective Conservative Treatment

At some point, nearly everyone gets hit with back pain, especially lower-back pain. Such pain can feel sharp. Or it can be a dull ache with tingling, burning, or numbness. […]

Visiting a Doctor of Chiropractic: What to Expect

Perhaps back pain has been troubling you. Or maybe pain in a shoulder, hip, or leg is negatively affecting your quality of life. You start looking into options for relief. […]