FACT: Too Much Sitting Can Be a Pain

Over-the-road truck drivers, for example, spend the majority of their day sitting. Recent studies have connected too many hours sitting to a variety of health problems, including chronic back pain, […]

Inflammation. A Choice?

As you are aware, if you catch a cold your immune system swings into action. Did you know it also becomes involved with a sprained ankle? Both infection and injury […]

Are you texting yourself into back pain?

We were designed to stand upright and be mobile! In today’s world however, many of us spend our days with our heads in flexion while slumped over to stare at […]

When you don’t want travel to be a pain in your neck (or back)

Whether traveling for work or for pleasure, alone or with your family, traveling by car or plane can you tired, stiff, sore and even stressed. We were never designed to […]

Benefits of a chiropractic pillow

Humans can sleep in a wide variety of positions and while there is no one position that is technically the correct way to sleep stomach sleeping is not considered to […]

Tips to Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is essential for good health. We recognize poor posture when we see it as it is obvious in many adults. Generally poor posture occurs as a result of […]