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About Dr. Berkley Schuppan

Dr. Berkley SchuppanMy first encounter with chiropractic was at the age of 16, and it wasn’t for myself. My dad had been experiencing extreme pain from a bulging disc. He had tried several other treatments including steroid injections that did not help his pain. I had always wanted to help people in a hands-on way, and I had planned on becoming a massage therapist. However, after the results I saw with my dad and after spending much time researching all about chiropractic I knew that I was going to become a chiropractor.

I had never been adjusted until I was a student in chiropractic college, but growing up I always had a problem with headaches. I would get headaches at least three times a week and, at one point, put on medication to help with them. In school I was put on a treatment plan of chiropractic care which gave me control of how many headaches I get each week. At this point, with my supportive care, I always know when it is time for me to get adjusted because I can feel tension/stress building up in my neck. If I get adjusted then (or even better before that even happens) ….no headaches! In addition, chiropractic adjustments have helped me reduce the amount of colds I get each year.

Dr Schuppan adjusting patientI love watching my patients, knowing that when they come through the door unable to stand up straight because they are in so much pain (they are often scared too, wondering if they will ever be able to stand up straight again), I know that the vast majority of them will get significant relief from chiropractic treatments. I actually had a patient who said her husband had asked her if she “would always stand crooked like that”, and it has been awesome for not only my patient to see a change in their symptoms, but for their families to see a physical change in them too as we navigate their care plan. Too often I see patients who put their health on a back burner to take care of their family only to have a health crisis that makes it difficult for them to be there for their family. I love being able to give them better health, knowing that their quality of life and that of their family is impacted by sending home a healthy spouse/parent.

My discovery of real chiropractic wellness is seeing the difference in my own overall health. I have had less sick days and fewer headaches since I began to get adjusted once a week. My decision to become a lifetime chiropractic patient was an easy one after experiencing an increase in my energy and decrease in aches, pains, and sickness. I will never take for granted what I have seen chiropractic do for my friends, family, and significant others as I have watched them benefit from chiropractic care also.
I invite you to experience the amazing benefits of chiropractic care with me! Pain is the tip of the iceberg…. Quality of life is the journey I want to help you with!