Dr. Candace Tiller

Crosby Chiropractic St. Peters

When you were asked what you wanted to be in preschool you might have answered: doctor, lawyer, fireman, astronaut etc.  My preschool drawings unanimously stated that I was going to be a ‘Kiropractr’.  This many seem unusual since a chiropractor is not something most preschoolers have encountered but I was surrounded by it.  Much of my time as a child was spent at my fathers office talking with his patients and helping him in any way that he would let me.  Since I had been adjusted since birth it wasn’t until I was 17 that I had my first big chiropractic experience.  
One day I was home alone giving my dog a bath in the sink.  Not being a huge fan of baths he tried to jump out of the sink unexpectedly.  As I went to catch him and put him back in, the twisting motion caused a twinge in the middle of my back.  At first I though “no big deal, it’ll go away soon”.  What happened next went something like this: My back felt sore and achy so I tried to twist and move to loosen the area up a bit.  MISTAKE- my body tightened down more.  Then I started to have a really hard time breathing which made me sweat and start to panic.  The pain got to a point where the only relief I could get came from not moving.  This was a problem because your body moves a lot when you breath.  Thankfully my dad (who is a chiropractor also) knew just what to do.  He practically carried me to the office and had been telling me not to worry the whole time since I was a red/hunched/whimpering mess.  “I see this a lot Candace, it’s probably just a rib out of place”.  I had seen some of his patients have this problem before and although they would tell me how painful it could be, I hadn’t imagined it to be this bad.  It HURTS!! One adjustment later I felt the pain fade away all over.  My body temperature started to even out, I stopped sweating, I could BREATH again! Which I then celebrated by breathing in deeply several times (there was still a faint sensation of pain but nothing like before).  Finally I stood up and walked out all on my own.  That was when I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor for myself and not just because my father was one. 
During my journey through Chiropractic college I became fascinated with the combination of nutrition, acupuncture and chiropractic care; especially as it pertains to digestive health.  I started learning all about how chiropractic can help organ systems function better and then coupled that knowledge with nutritional care in order to set the body up for success and easier repair.  Eventually I started learning a system called Loomis that uses plant enzymes to help organs overcome stress.  Enzymes are the workers in our bodies.  They break things down, move things around and clean up the garbage.  This system can be applied to all kinds of conditions but here are a few: heartburn, crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, SIBO, celiac, painful menstruation, diabetes, acne, asthma and many others.   
Being a student for so long came with its own stressors.  Shortly after starting Chiropractic college I got to experience first hand how sitting all day can cause real issues.  I started getting neck and low back pain from poor posture (yep, chiropractors are not immune to this).  Then shortly after that I experienced TMJ issues.  Chiropractic care worked like a charm.  When my turn came to treat other students I had the opportunity to help a several TMJ cases as well.  This joint becomes mighty important to you when you are staring at a delicious looking sandwich and there is no way your jaw will open that wide!  Chiropractic aims to balance the body and the body functions best when it’s in balance.  This is why